Welcome to Springville Sports Grill

Springville Sports Grill in Plover, WI is an all American bar and grill offering a wide variety of classic American dishes as well as some new twists such as our popular Italian fries. At our restaurant, you can savor hearty sandwiches, meal-sized salads, charbroiled burgers and more. Families are welcome for lunch and dinner, our staff is friendly and we offer a children’s menu of kid-approved favorites.

Try Our Italian Fries

Our restaurant is famous for Italian fries. These are cheese fries topped with two pounds of mozzarella cheese and served with marinara dipping sauce. Once you try them, you will be back for more.

Recent Reviews

“A fun neighborhood bar/grill. Good variety of people, ages and music, you'll never feel too old or too young. The servers and bartenders are laid back and friendly while being fast and efficient.”

-Monica M.

“Fish fry is the bomb!”

-Nicholas M.

“Best cheese fries ever! I only go to Springville once or maybe twice a year but I always get the cheese fries and fish. The fish is definitely delicious; cooked well and seasoned nicely. The cheese fries are fantastic. The amount they give you is quite a bit and there is sooo much cheese on it. Yes, they are quite greasy, but it is worth it to get these cheese fries once or twice a year.”

-Cody S.

“Great family dinner. Late dinner with the grandkids, was great food and service. Kids loved their cherry sprite. We will be back again.”

-Barb F.

“Very friendly staff. The food here is typical of a casual "American Supper Club" that serves pizza too. Large servings at good prices. Loud atmosphere so it is great for families or large groups.”

-Patrick M.

“I went there once with my mom, and it was a great place to meet for lunch. The salad she had was huge and made with fresh ingredients and my grilled ham and cheese was very filling and super yummy. Excellent fries. If I had gone there sooner before moving, I would have been back to try something else.”

-Katy G.

“Excellent restaurant atmosphere. The quality of the food really depends on which items you order on the menu. I recommend getting their pizza and Italian fries.”

-Chris C.

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Serving satisfying food and giving you a great customer experience is what we do every day. Learn more about our American restaurant.